I discovered myself a photographer, quite by chance of fate, after starting to professor Photography for the Graduation in Design course. Today I live between not defining myself just as a designer, nor a photographer, nor a teacher and I have become one, the one who watches the world and through my work I try to share the experiences of what I see.

As one of my passions traveling, I started to get interested in street portrait and began to better capture the looks and small details of the people, because traveling to me is a way to return home, which It is within itself and can make the world its own yard.

One of my most defining photographic series was in India, where I traveled the way in search of self-knowledge. After this trip, I realized that the look I had on myself had changed and that made a big difference in my photos, because by changing my inner vision I changed my perception of the world, transforming even that which is sad, like a child asking for alms, In something beautiful.

From there I decided that I would be a photographer and that I would show people something that not everyone can see. I began to seek not poses, but sincere looks of ordinary people who live their way, even if sometimes precarious, but who transmit the reality of the places they inhabit. After all, “to photograph is to capture the soul through the look”.